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Motorcycling Livermore’s Gourmet Wine Country

Carla King

When locals think of Livermore they think of East Bay freeways, Livermore Labs, burbclaves, and hot, dry landscapes. But, as pointed out in this Sunday’s San Francisco Examiner, Livermore has a historic downtown and a long, rich history in winemaking. Too bad it has been gradually surrounded by the above negative aspects. Once you get off the freeway, though, you find long winding roads through the hills, and a new generation of winemakers and gourmet chefs who see an opportunity to remake this early California winemaking region.

imageIn his Examiner article (Livermore’s restaurant renaissance), Nicholas Boer reflects that “it wasn’t until 2005, when Peet’s opened on First Street, that Livermore gave notice that its cow town days were numbered…” and “… the number of wineries rose to 30, then 40, now 50.” He reviews Campo di Bocce taverna with its eight bocce ball courts and boar sausage pizza. El Sacromonte with its pork shank in banana leaves and mango ceviche. The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards with its 400-bottle wine list half off this month. The best stop for visitors, perhaps, is The Winemakers PourHouse restaurant and wine bar, because, as Boer wisely considers, “If visiting 50 wineries sounds overwhelming, start here with flights selected by the owners. They will allow you to contrast and compare before committing time and money elsewhere.”

More articles (online on SFGate.com:


What roads to ride in Livermore? MotoWhere has a user-contributed list. And we’ll be testing the roads and the restaurants just for you 🙂


Just for fun, here’s a historic motorcycling moment in Livermore, and a 2011 re-enactment, except for “racing” from Oakland to Livermore “at speeds reaching 15 and 20 miles per hour.” Enjoy Motorcycle Day in Livermore, CA in 1911 and 2011:


Barrel Tasting Weekend in Livermore Valley by Serena Bartlett, author of the GrassRoutes Travel Guides. Check out her articles about Northern California Wine Country, and her article on How to Avoid Traffic on the 101, Beautifully, perfect for motorcyclists and adventurous motorists. Enjoy!



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